The Quilliad at TIAM

The Quilliad had a great time at the Toronto Indie Arts Market over the weekend! In addition to selling the journal, we also had some of our staff and contributors’ work available:

The Quilliad's table at TIAM.

The Quilliad’s table at TIAM.

Of course, we weren’t the only people selling things. We met a bunch of great people (and ran into some that we knew from previous shows). The team was able to spread the word about The Quilliad and get more people interested in submitting, which is always exciting. Here are the cards of a few of the people we hung out with on Saturday (the handwritten note is from Atomic Ami, who make some of the cutest crocheted animals we’ve ever seen):

Fellow TIAM vendors

Speaking of submissions, we’re just wrapping up our submission call, so look forward to a new issue in about a month!

The Quilliad team

The view from behind our table.

The view from behind our table.



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