4 Days to Go: Quilliad Kickstarter Update #5

quilliad kickstarter issue 4

staffpickOur Kickstarter kicked off (so to speak) at the beginning of this month with a staff pick, and it’s been going pretty strong since.

I woke up to a notification from Kickstarter today that we had a new backer (always a heartwarming experience), and the support so far has been fantastic. As of writing this post, we have $205 to go before reaching our goal, having raised $445 so far. Our goal is $650, and with that money we will be able to print our publication, pay contributors, compensate our editors for their work, and supply our backers with their rewards–copies of The Quilliad, art prints by our talented staff, personalised poetry, and pinback buttons.

This issue is looking to be great, with cover art from Scott Williams, new artwork from Dan Holst Soelberg, and some pretty exciting spooky and speculative fiction and poetry from a plethora of writers. We’re scifi and fantasy fans as well as English graduates, so we know that literary writing doesn’t need to confine itself to realism to be well-written and socially relevant.

So if you love Canadian literature and art, Halloween, or the idea of getting us to write poetry for you about your cat/quantum physics/the love of your life/zombies, consider contributing to our Kickstarter and getting your hands on some of our rewards.

We also appreciate help spreading the word about our project.

Thanks for everything so far!

Sarah Varnam,
editor-in-chief of The Quilliad

P.S. Our submission call is still open!


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