Our Halloween Launch Party Now Has a Fortune Teller!

Amanda Boulos, an artist whose work we published in our third issue, will be lending us her fortune-telling skills for our fourth issue launch and Halloween party. The launch will be from 8-12 p.m. on Friday, October 24 at Betty’s on King (240 King Street East, upstairs party room). Costumes are encouraged, so find your fangs and join us for spooky readings, an art exhibition, and fortune-telling!

Here’s what Amanda has to say about her process:

“I remember my parents going to a women’s home and sharing a cup of Turkish coffee with her. When they finished discussing politics, their economic struggles and the family, they would sit around their empty cups exchanging readings using the micro grains left on the bottom of their cup. As I grew older the tradition died, and I was only a generation too late to get my fortune read by the women. As a young adult searching for my place in the world I’m curious about what she would have told me.

I decided to create a modern espresso reading machine that would allow me to tell people’s fortunes using their voices and general curiosities. The interaction would begin with a series of questions and conversation that will help me construct their fortune. The conversation would be recorded and fed into the espresso reading machine. Where the machine would condense the conversation into a couple of sound bites, which will get sent to the Turkish grounds placed on top of the espresso reading machine. The vibrations from the sound will move the grounds into a pattern where the fortune reader (me) would interpret the visuals into an abstract narrative. This will invite the curious seeker to interpret the reading as they like. The espresso reading machine will have a divine presence, and my performing character will be an extension of that.”

See you on Friday!



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