Issue 4 Artist Profile: Melissa Crook

"Black on Black (detail)" © Melissa Crook 2014

“Black on Black (detail)” © Melissa Crook 2014

The Quilliad’s fourth issue Halloween-themed launch party is less than a week away, and we’re pretty excited about the amazing writers and artists we’ll be featuring in this issue (many of whom will be present at the launch with their art/to read their work). One of those artists is Melissa Crook, a Toronto-based artist with a background in design whose work draws out the beauty in the unconventional and tints beauty with a hint of darkness. Melissa is another fantastic artist who I discovered through Toronto Indie Arts Market. She draws inspiration from classic literature (see: “The Fox of the Baskervilles”), the gothic novel, and folk tales. Her elegant and slightly eerie images of birds, mammals, insects, and plants often float against white backgrounds, making her delicate line work and rich colour palette stand out.

"A Flutter in Time" © Melissa Crook 2014

“A Flutter in Time” © Melissa Crook 2014

Melissa learned the basics of drawing from her mother and has evolved into a sophisticated watercolour painter. Some of her originals are available on her website, as are prints of her work. She also makes jewelry featuring her pieces, so that people can carry her work “Victorian style” in “little vessels”. The results are as charming as her description suggests.

Melissa may have some of her work with her at the launch (this Friday at Betty’s on King from 8-12), but you can also check her out in depth at She also has a Facebook page.



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