The Quilliad at Canzine

The Quilliad was at Canzine last Saturday. In addition to introducing new readers to the journal, we had a chance to see what other people in the small press scene are up to. There were beautiful art prints, clever interactive zines, homemade jewelry and cards, and piles of books. Here are a few photos from the day:

Between discussions about The Quilliad with festival attendees, I made a lot of doodles:

Devin picked up a few books, we made a few trades, and some generous zinesters were giving away small pieces for free:

We received complimentary writing from Kevin C. Pearce, Rob Mclennan, Andrew Boyd & Dave Oswald Mitchell (Beautiful Trouble), and our table-neighbour Julianne Ess (FOOT-TO-FACE), snagged free art from @finklebottom, and grabbed business cards from Nicole Aline Legault, Dean Garlick, Amy Kwan, Manifest Breath, and Noreen Rana.

I only bought one thing: this cat pin from Noreen Rana. I think it’s purrfectly adorable:

IMG_4198The same artist had some awesome free pins like this one as well:


If you missed Canzine, you can now order copies of The Quilliad. Details here:



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