Fifth Issue Update: Submissions and Kickstarter Rewards!

kickstarter 1For those who don’t know about us, The Quilliad is a literature and arts journal focussing on writing and art by Canadian authors and visual artists (including photographers, illustrators, comic artists, and more). We welcome submissions of everything from sonnets to literary science fiction. We’re proud to say that we pay our contributors and that we take pride in creating a beautiful, professional print issue every 6 months or so. We are currently in the midst of both our Kickstarter campaign and our submission call, so if you have something to send us, check out our submissions page for guidelines and send your work to We’re happy to say that we will be featuring the artwork of Eden Bachelder in our pages this issue, and there’s still room for more beautiful art. We’ve also received some great writing–let us see yours!

Our Kickstarter is off to a good start, but there’s still a long way to go. If you love short fiction, poetry, art, and photography, check out our Kickstarter. Please share this post and help us get the word out–every cent we earn means a more beautiful publication and more money for our contributors. In addition to the poems, artwork, and copies of The Quilliad already available to backers, we’ll be adding new rewards over the course of the campaign to keep things interesting.

Today’s addition to our rewards are these pinback buttons:

button rewards


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