Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! Poetic rewards for Quilliad Kickstarter backers

Since we’re in the midst of our fifth-issue Kickstarter, it seems appropriate to share some of the poems we wrote for last issue’s Kickstarter backers. Today we’re sharing haiku; next time we’ll share some of the glosas.


Voicing new dreams as
Autumn seeps into the breeze
Of June’s balmy noon

by Steph Chaves, for Star Spider


That bright red sports car
streaking sleekly down the street
says Strength, Freedom, Man.

Speed bursts old hearts, makes
young boys yearn for thrills, escape
the average day denies.

by Sarah Varnam, for Alex Wilson

All poems written for Kickstarter backers are by editors of The Quilliad (who also happen to be published poets). Topics are chosen by our backers. The Quilliad is a biannual literary and arts journal that publishes short fiction, poetry, paintings, illustrations, comics, and photography by Canadian writers and artists. If you’d like to support The Quilliad (or if you’d just like to have poetry written for you on the topic of your choice), check out our fifth-issue Kickstarter. We’re also offering art prints, pinback buttons, and copies of the journal.



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