Poetry Parrot Recommends Kickstarting the Quilliad

Riff Raff supports the QuilliadRiff Raff, our resident Poetry Parrot, supports The Quilliad‘s fifth-issue Kickstarter. Rewards for a parrot are a little different from the ones you’ll receive, but we’re confident that you’ll enjoy our poetry, art prints, journal copies, and pinback buttons as much as or more than Riff Raff enjoys banana.

We already have some great work from writers and artists across Canada for this issue, and we’re featuring an amazing artist, Eden Bachelder.

We’re halfway to our goal with a little over a week to go! Thanks so much to our backers so far.

If you’d like to contribute to our fifth issue with poetry, fiction, visual art, comics, or photography of your own, send your submission to thequilliad@gmail.com. We’re currently considering work from Canadian writers and artists.

-Love from Sarah, The Quilliad‘s editor-in-chief and Riff Raff, Poetry Parrot-in-Residence


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