#TwitterFiction and Kickstarter Writing Warmups

While we are currently reviewing submissions for our upcoming fifth issue, we’ve also been doing a lot of writing. Our Twitter is filled with warm-up writing for the upcoming #TwitterFiction festival, which doubles as practice for writing the poetry rewards for our backers. Here’s a sample of the writing we’ve done so far:

Jack and Jill fell down the hill; Jack’s in a coma still.

Little Miss Muffet went to therapy for 10 years for her arachnophobia.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, started a grow op, and all were merry.

Mary ate a little lamb, its fleece as white as snow. Yum.

Guess the : 1 General−24 sons−1 daughter+1 pie= a cycle of revenge

Guess the : Big feet+dangerous jewelry=a lot of walking

Guess the : Poor mental health care − one hand = a happy proposal

We’ve enjoyed this warm-up round. For the actual festival, we’ll be posting more in the same vein, as well as some #GravestoneHaiku. You’ll have to wait and see what we mean by that.

If you’d like us to write some poetry for you, or you’d like to read some in our fifth issue, check out our Kickstarter campaign. We’re offering poetry, art, and issues of our journal as rewards for backers.

Editor-in-Chief of The Quilliad


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