More Poetry from our Poetry Parrot-in-Residence

Our less-than-dignified poetry parrot-in-residenceWhile we find this particular piece by our poetry parrot-in-residence perplexing, we’re also intrigued by the almost-coherent first line, which appears thanks to autocorrect on my phone and our poetry parrot’s love of walking all over touchscreens. I took the liberty of creating a title for the poem myself.


. . 4th to the next few days
th 7iiii75y765a64af, I 30th
hh5h55y665554 4

33rvccdfx44344 hjk

If you’re a fan of Riff Raff’s poetry, you may want to read some of our previous parrot poetry posts. If you like poetry by humans, check out our fifth-issue Kickstarter (which is, in fact, endorsed by our poetry parrot). It ends in 3 days and is an excellent way to pre-order The Quilliad plus snag some additional art and poetry rewards as well. We publish short fiction, poetry, visual art, comics, and photography, and this issue features the beautiful artwork of Eden Bachelder along with the work of many other talented Canadians. Thank you again to our backers so far–we’re at 62% at the time of writing this post!

Finally, here’s another parrot photo:

Riff Raff " helping"-Sarah


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