Issue 5 Poetry Announcement: Look Who We’re Publishing

logo roundWith our submission call almost over, we’ve got a few early acceptances to give out. We’re proud to announce that we’ll be publishing the poetry of Sara-Jane Gloutnez and Lisa Young in issue 5.

Sara-Jane, whose work we’ve published before (she’s that good!), has studied creative writing at both York University and the University of Saskatchewan. In 2012, she released her chapbook, Eglantine in August, and was the winner of the Art Bar’s Discovery Night. The poetry we’re publishing by her this issue is lively and evocative. She manages to weave a sailor, melon ballers, toothaches, and pregnancy into a fragmented narrative that gives us tantalising glimpses into interconnected lives.

Lisa is the author of the poetry collection, When the Earth (Quattro Books) and the chapbook, This Cabin (LyricalMyrical Press). She’s also working on a new collection. One of her poems for this issue with this tantalizing line: “You can’t think of death in spring”. Lisa offers us poems that talk about time, life, and death in fresh ways, addressing big themes through details of the day-to-day. Both writers fill their work with insight and brilliant imagery.

If you’ve submitted to our fifth-issue submission call and haven’t heard back, don’t worry. You’ll hear back from us soon; we’re just starting to send out replies. There’s also still time for those who haven’t submitted their work yet. We’re looking for more writing in particular, so if you’re a Canadian writer, send us your short stories, flash fiction, and poetry to

If you’re interested in our fifth issue, in which these talented women’s work will be published, check out our Kickstarter. It ends in under two days!



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