10 Hours to Go, 10 Reasons to Back The Quilliad, a Canadian Journal of Writing and Art

logo roundWith only 10 hours left of our Kickstarter, it seems only right to give you 10 reasons to back The Quilliad‘s fifth issue, if you haven’t already:

1. Supporting small press publishing. Small presses rejuvenate literary and artistic culture. They give opportunities to The Next Big Thing to be discovered, and they provide space for projects that don’t have as much commercial appeal but are intensely creative and interesting. Small presses help maintain the vitality in artistic culture that variety brings. Sometimes they become big presses, too–but they never will if we don’t support them.

2. Poetry on demand. If you’ve ever wanted someone to write you a poem about pizza, zombies, your love for your cat, your favourite season, a favourite photograph or song, or even about how awesome you yourself are, this is your chance. Alongside other rewards, we’re writing haiku and glosas for our backers (and we’re all published poets).

3. Art prints. We have a ton of art prints available for backers–illustrations, paintings, and photography. All were created by members of the Apple of my Odd Eye artists collective, whose members are, in turn, all involved in our publication in some way. Here’s a quick sampling of some (but not all!) of the art prints available:

4. Supporting new voices (and, in the case of art, new perspectives) as well as established ones. We publish based on literary or artistic merit, not publishing history, so we end up with an interesting mix of emerging writers and artists gracing our pages alongside those whose work is already widely published. This mix gives new talent the opportunity to get stuff out there and gives you, our potential readers, a taste of what’s to come.

5. Actually, truly supporting writers and artists. We pay our contributors for their work, and there are no submission fees. This means that our publication counts as a paid publication for grants (essential if you’re leading a creative lifestyle) and, we think, shows appropriate respect for the hard work our contributors do. There’s also an added bonus for you: if we have to pay for it, we aren’t going to publish anything we think is mediocre.

6. Supporting Canadian writers and artists. We believe more people should know how creative and talented Canadians are, and we believe that whether you’re from Toronto or Nebraska, you’ll find something to love in our pages. We ship to Canada and the United States, and digital rewards are available anywhere.

7. Great value for your money. We think of our Kickstarter more as pre-ordering than donating, and we price accordingly. For $3, you can get a digital copy of issue 5; for $15, you get a print copy of issue 5, a digital copy of any issue you’d like, and a haiku written on the subject of your choice. If you back us with $75 or more, you receive a print copy of issue 5, a print copy of one other issue of your choice, a glosa based on any 4 lines of your choice which we will publish in our 5th issue, and an 8×10 art print. We will also include your name in the acknowledgements for issue 5. These are only a few of the reward levels available.

Quillid Issue 5 cover image by Eden Bachelder

Quilliad Issue 5 cover image by Eden Bachelder

8. Great artists like Eden Bachelder. We’re a little obsessed with her work right now–she’s even our cover artist this issue. She’s not alone, either. We’ll have awesome art from other artists in issue 5 as well, but she’s our feature this time around.

9. Great writers like Sara-Jane Gloutnez and Lisa Young. These two were our early acceptances, and we think their work is fantastic. The publications, publishers, and reading series that have featured them all seem to agree. This issue will be filled with clever, insightful, and evocative prose and poetry by all our literary contributors (take note, Canadian writers: there are still a few hours left to send your submissions to thequilliad@gmail.com).

10. Supporting the arts and culture. We’ve talked about small presses, Canadian writers, and new artists, but this is about something bigger that encompasses all three. We believe wholeheartedly that strong literary and artistic culture is essential to a complete and enriching society, and we try to do our part by offering our readers smart, well-crafted writing and art, carefully curated by our obsessive editors.

So if any of these reasons sound good to you, check out our Kickstarter.

Bonus #11: Because poetry parrot says so!

Riff Raff supports the Quilliad

Thank you so much to our backers so far.



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