Chapbook? Launched. Issue 7 submission call? Open.

The Quilliad Press is busy this spring! Last night, we launched our first chapbook and hosted our first retrospective. Four of our past contributors, all of whom have been published more than once by The Quilliad, read at the event: John Nyman, Suzanna Derewicz, Larissa Kucharyshyn, and Devin P.L. Edwards. John shared work from previous issues of The Quilliad and some new work from his forthcoming book Players, which launches on April 5 at Another Story Bookshop in Toronto. Suzanna shared both new and old work and plugged her own reading series, Write On Playwright Showcase, the next installment of which is on April 19 at the Junction City Music Hall in Toronto. Larissa, who was one of our chapbook finalists, included in her set a beautiful poem that will be published in our next issue as a preview of what’s to come. Devin read from his chapbook, Love and Longing, as well as some newer pieces.

And we’re not done for the season! Our issue 7 submission call opens today and will continue until the end of April. For more information on our guidelines, visit

Last night’s readings gave us a strong sense of the community we’ve built and the wider literary community we’ve connected to. We look forward to inviting new voices into the conversation with issue 7.

Your editor-in-chief,


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