The Quilliad Press is a small press publishing company based in Toronto, Ontario. You can find us here on our blog, on Twitter, on Instagram, and on Facebook.

The Quilliad is an independent literary and arts publication based in Toronto.

We started out as a chapbook put together by the University Heights Literary Society and have evolved into a full-fledged journal published by The Quilliad Press.

We publish emerging and established writers and artists in our pages, and we welcome submissions from all Canadians, including POC, LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent, and disabled creators.

Our spring/May issue is open to general literature (no genre fiction or poetry), while our fall/Halloween issue is open to apocalyptic fiction, retold fairy tales, horror, and science fiction as well.

Editor-in-Chief: Sarah Varnam

Submissions Editor and Social Media Assistant: Steph Chaves.

Contributing Photographers: Sean G. Marjoram and Scott Williams

Marketing Officer and Sound Engineer for Launches: Devin P.L. Edwards

ISSN 2291-9740

Key title:  The Quilliad (Print)

ISSN 2291-9759

Key title: The Quilliad (Online)

For submissions, see our Submissions page.