The Quilliad Press’s Second Annual Chapbook Call

logo roundToday begins our second annual chapbook call!

We’re looking for 10-20 pages of poetry and/or flash fiction from a Canadian writer who has never had a chapbook or full-length book published (self-published authors are exempt from this restriction, as this restriction is in place to allow emerging writers without publisher representation an opportunity to become a more active part of the Canadian literary scene). Previous Quilliad contributors are welcome to apply.

We will be paying a $50 honorarium to the selected writer as well as providing the author with 5 copies of their book free of charge (subsequent copies can be purchased by the writer at half price). We will also consider poems from the submitted manuscripts of 2 runners-up for issue 9 of The Quilliad. Publication in The Quilliad will be compensated with an honorarium and contributor copy.

To submit, send your writing to by January 15, 2017.


Kickstarter Reward Highlight: Chapbooks

2d8f8fdefddf23715742b2c57e98dfb3_originalWhile some of our Kickstarter‘s chapbook rewards have sold out, several remain available. In addition to the first chapbook in The Quilliad Press’s forthcoming chapbook line (to be released in January of 2016), we have several chapbooks by Quilliad staff members up for grabs.

One copy of Consanguinity by Steph Chaves, our submissions editor and social media assistant, is still available as a Kickstarter reward. Published and handbound in Japanese stab stitch by Grow and Grow in 2013 (with a limited first-edition print run of 80) and signed by the author, Consanguinity contains poems consisting of found and altered text from epics traditionally considered part of the English literary canon. Described as an “archeological dig”, these poems trace Chave’s “poetic geneology”. Consanguinity is an elegant, contemporary engagement with literary history.

Two copies of Devin P.L. Edwards’s Love and Longing, published by Geek Collateral, are available through our Kickstarter. This collection is filled with love poems that investigate love at different stages of its development, from the first hint of beguilement to its death throes, through sonnets and freeverse alike.

You can find one signed copy of my limited edition chapbook Cracked Skin as part of our Kickstarter. Only ten copies were ever printed and bound. The poems within Cracked Skin discuss diverse subject matter, from sugar cubes and shipwrecks to memory and Eastern European family history through freeverse and formal poetry. Each handbound copy is unique, featuring subtly different cover art.

All chapbooks rewards are bundled with at least one other reward, so for $25 plus shipping, you can get any of the books described above plus a print copy of The Quilliad‘s sixth issue. And for especially generous backers who pledge 200 or more, in addition to several other lit and art awards, you will receive a chapbook written for you, by us. We will design, select or write poems, and create or select art to create a chapbook that will have a print run of one. You provide us with a general theme (e.g. “love”, “death”, “words”, “animals”), and we provide the rest.

Our chapbooks are only a small sample of the rewards available to our backers. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our backers thus far and to encourage you to support small press publishing. Follow the link to see our Kickstarter project page: We have only a few days left of our campaign, and any support makes a huge difference!


The Quilliad Press is 33.5% funded!

quilliad 33.5 fundedThanks to our generous backers, over the weekend our Kickstarter reached 33.5%. With 22 days to go, this progress is very exciting.

We still have lots of great writing and art rewards available, from copies of our journal, The Quilliad, to chapbooks, poetry on demand, and art prints.

Thank you to everyone who has backed us thus far. For those who are just learning about us, we publish a literary and arts journal, The Quilliad, filled with work by emerging and established Canadian writers and artists, and are planning a line of chapbooks. We also post small press book reviews, artist profiles, and coverage of local arts and literary events here on our blog. You can find the Kickstarter for our new small press at