The Quilliad Press Kickstarter Reward Highlight: Issue 6

With our Kickstarter down to its last few hours (it ends on Tuesday at midnight EST!), we’re highlighting one of our most important rewards: copies of issue 6 of The Quilliad, to be released just in time for Halloween.

The Quilliad is a biannual Canadian journal of writing, art, and everything in-between. We believe in being open-minded and inclusive of different media and genres, and we care more about quality than form. For these reasons, our October issues are Halloween-inspired. We hold the writing and art to the same standards as usual (and we’re pretty picky), but we feature literary science fiction, apocalyptic fiction, magic realism, revised fairy tales, and poems about the undead, as well as seasonally appropriate and horror-inspired art and photography. Here are a few short excerpts from some of our early acceptances:

We also believe in creating a supportive community for our contributors and for other small presses, as well as writers and artists in general. For these reasons, we not only pay our contributors for their work but also post artist profiles and project spotlights, small press book reviews, and coverage of local artistic and literary events here on our blog. We will be adding another page to our website as well that will answer the question “Where are they now?” regarding past contributors to our journal. There, we’ll celebrate contributors’ post-Quilliad publications, exhibits, and other projects.

As of writing this blog post, we’re only 2% away from our funding goal, and every little bit helps. In addition to copies of The Quilliad, we’re offering personalised poetry on demand, art prints, and chapbooks to our backers. Check out our campaign at

Edit: We’ve reached our goal! Now we’re working on our stretch goals. So exciting!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us thus far.

—Sarah Varnam,
Editor-in-Chief and Founder of The Quilliad Press


6 Issues, 6 Reasons to Back The Quilliad

In honour of The Quilliad‘s issue 6 submission call, here are 6 reasons to back The Quilliad Press through our recently launched Kickstarter:

1. To support emerging writers and artists. As our previous issues have proven to us, Canada’s emerging creative talent is worthy of attention. Read the work from our first issue, which featured only university undergrads and recent graduates, to see what we mean.

2. Our contributors go on to do more awesome things, so you’re investing in people who are serious about their craft. Take just a few examples from our list of fifth issue contributors, for instance. Jessica Bebenek and JC Bouchard were part of the recent Worst Case Ontario Poetry Tour. I have the tour chapbook, and the writing in it is fantastic (as were the performances at the Toronto reading). Not to mention the guts and inspiration it takes to successfully crowdfund a poetry tour and then go on a road trip with relative strangers in order to do poetry readings in 9 different cities in as many days!

Suzanna Derewicz—poet, playwright, and performer—is performing in and co-facilitating the Write On Playwright’s Showcase II on Tuesday, September 29 at On Cue in Toronto’s west end. She will be performing “Getting There”, a play exploring the experiences of a dying woman hose consciousness remains intact. The piece is inspired by Ariel, Sylvia Plath’s final book of poetry, and the play is also being adapted into an illustrated poetry chapbook by Suzanna.

3. To see what’s happening in the Canadian arts and literary scenes. We’ve published established authors and artists, up and comers, and everyone in between. Here are a few recent examples:

You can find Issue 3 contributor Kayla Czaga’s work everywhere right now. A recent UBC MFA graduate, her work has appeared in The Walrus, Best Canadian Poetry 2013, Room Magazine, Lemon Hound, Event, The Malahat Review, and The Antigonish Review, among others, and she’s already published her first book, For Your Safety Please Hold On, with Nightwood Editions.

Dan Holst Soelberg 1

Dan Holst Soelberg

Issue 4 contributor Dan Holst Soelberg is a quirky artist with a dark but humorous aesthetic who’s become a regular everywhere from small press fairs to Fan Expo every August in Toronto. You can find his books online or in stores at The Beguiling and The Labyrinth in Toronto and Big B Comics in Hamilton.

Issue 5 contributor Lisa Young is the author of the poetry collection When the Earth, published by Quattro Books, and the chapbook This Cabin, published by Lyrical Myrical Press. She has been published in Jones Av., Misunderstandings Magazine, Quills Canadian Poetry MagazineRampike Magazine, and more. As the former fiction editor and senior poetry editor for Existere: Journal of Arts and Literature and someone who is active at both reading series and in writing groups, Lisa is a staple of the Toronto poetry scene.

Quilliad Issue 5 cover image by Eden Bachelder

Quilliad Issue 5 cover image by Eden Bachelder

Our issue 5 cover artist, Eden Bachelder, creates stunning paintings, illustrations, and masks of animals and monsters. You can find her work at Toronto-area art events and on her website,

4. Our rewards. We’re offering copies of The Quilliad (of course), chapbooks, art prints, and poetry on demand on subjects chosen by our backers. For backers who pledge $200 or more, the poetry we write for them will be published in issue 6, and we’ll be composing entire chapbooks for backers at the $200 and $500 levels.

5. To promote small press publishing and Canadian arts. Smaller presses are often more likely to take risks with unusual work or work that isn’t what’s hot right now (but that is still awesome), as well as to give opportunities to new writers and artists (see #1) and to LGBT, POC, and other diverse voices and perspectives. Furthermore, while we think our publication is equally interesting to all lovers of the arts, we also believe that Canadian creative work deserves more recognition. Publishing local writers and artists is our way of helping to build an audience for Canadian creations.

6. We do more than publish. We also promote arts and literature through our blog by writing reviews of small press books, composing artist profiles, and covering local arts and lit events. We’re open to suggestions about what we should cover as well.

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to support the work we’re doing, here’s the link to our Kickstarter:

The Quilliad joins the OCADU Zine Library


September is turning out to be an exciting, busy month for us. After mailing out copies of The Quilliad on Friday for inclusion in the Toronto Zine Library, today I dropped off all 5 issues at the OCADU Zine Library.


Knowing that we are becoming more immersed in the Toronto arts scene makes us feel pretty great. We’ll also be connecting more to small press culture across North America this month, with more small press fiction and poetry book reviews coming up here on our blog. Then, of course, there’s also our Kickstarter approaching (the launch will be happening within the week!), as well as the announcement of the cover artist for issue 6.

Stay tuned for more arts and lit news.


A Quick Update

Hello, fellow writers and readers,

Besides a few appearances at local literary and arts events, The Quilliad has been in hibernation for the winter, but soon we will begin working on the next issue. Our submission call will be going up within a week, so keep an eye out for that! We’ll be looking for art as well as literature this time around. We’re also gearing up for the spring craft and lit festivals, so expect updates on where you can find us.

Sarah Varnam,
Editor-in-Chief of The Quilliad

Toronto Indie Arts Market Small Press and Literary Festival

The Quilliad had a great time at today’s TIAM event. It was refreshing to meet so many enthusiastic small press reps and network with potential contributors! We look forward to future events. One of our contributors, Jessica Bebenek, was there with an assortment of her chapbooks and homemade notebooks (she runs Grow and Grow, “a small press for big ideas”).

Take a look at all the cool stuff we got!



Toronto Indie Arts Market Small Press & Literary Festival

Toronto Indie Arts Market Small Press & Literary Festival

The Quilliad will be at the Toronto Indie Arts Market Small Press & Literary Festival on December 14th at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Come out and enjoy the literature with us!

The Quilliad: Issue 2 is out!


The second issue of The Quilliad is in print and online. To purchase a hardcopy, email (Hardcopies are $6.00, including postage, to Canada and the United States. Please inquire regarding pricing outside of North America.) For a digital copy, go to our Smashwords page for the .epub (The digital copies are 2.99. If you have trouble opening the .epub, we recommend Firefox’s epub reader add-on or Adobe Digital Editions, both of which are free).

Please note that there have been some issues with formatting the digital edition, so at present the .epub file is your best bet unless you want a hard copy (which is beautiful).


Hey, everyone!

The Quilliad‘s second issue launch is in a week! There will be poetry, prose, art, and a merch table. Come check it out.

Where: Tequila Bookworm, 512 Queen Street West, Toronto, Canada
When: October 16th, 2013, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Who: We have a list of at least 8 readers performing their poems from this issue, as well as some readers who are sending voice recordings (the latter is a bit of a performance experiment for us, so we’re excited).

To join the Facebook event for regular updates, click here.