The Quilliad Reviews: Mosaics: A Collection of Independent Women, Volume 1

MosaicsA literary exploration of femininity and womanhood, Mosaics approaches its subject matter through stories, poetry, essays, and art. The tales within its pages span across eras and genres. These varied approaches reflect the variety of perspectives contained within the anthology’s pages. This diversity is an intentional political act; the creators of Mosaics set out to produce a book that depicts the experience of women through an intersectional lens, and they’ve succeeded. From a girl with a glass heart to the erotic encounters of lesbian suffragettes, this anthology embraces a diversity of forms that women may take on.  Mosaics tells the tales of robots and the wheelchair-bound, folkloric monsters and Lillith.

If there is one flaw that I might take issue with, it would be that, at times, some of the stories are a little heavy-handed. Most of the time, Mosaics is an engaging and accessible read, but occasionally the stories take on a more didactic tone than is my preference, which takes away from the immersive quality of the narrative. The more nuanced tales still embody their politics, and I am thus left wishing all the stories could find that perfect balance.

That said, Mosaics is a well-written anthology compiled by women who aren’t afraid to imbue their work with political purpose, and there’s power in that. All proceeds go to charity (The Pixel Project to end Violence Against Women), so they are truly walking the walk. Between the valuable social message and the strong writing, Mosaics is a meaningful contribution to both literary and social discourse. You can find it on Amazon here:



The Quilliad Press Kickstarter Reward Highlight: Issue 6

With our Kickstarter down to its last few hours (it ends on Tuesday at midnight EST!), we’re highlighting one of our most important rewards: copies of issue 6 of The Quilliad, to be released just in time for Halloween.

The Quilliad is a biannual Canadian journal of writing, art, and everything in-between. We believe in being open-minded and inclusive of different media and genres, and we care more about quality than form. For these reasons, our October issues are Halloween-inspired. We hold the writing and art to the same standards as usual (and we’re pretty picky), but we feature literary science fiction, apocalyptic fiction, magic realism, revised fairy tales, and poems about the undead, as well as seasonally appropriate and horror-inspired art and photography. Here are a few short excerpts from some of our early acceptances:

We also believe in creating a supportive community for our contributors and for other small presses, as well as writers and artists in general. For these reasons, we not only pay our contributors for their work but also post artist profiles and project spotlights, small press book reviews, and coverage of local artistic and literary events here on our blog. We will be adding another page to our website as well that will answer the question “Where are they now?” regarding past contributors to our journal. There, we’ll celebrate contributors’ post-Quilliad publications, exhibits, and other projects.

As of writing this blog post, we’re only 2% away from our funding goal, and every little bit helps. In addition to copies of The Quilliad, we’re offering personalised poetry on demand, art prints, and chapbooks to our backers. Check out our campaign at

Edit: We’ve reached our goal! Now we’re working on our stretch goals. So exciting!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us thus far.

—Sarah Varnam,
Editor-in-Chief and Founder of The Quilliad Press

Issue 5 Poetry Announcement: Look Who We’re Publishing

logo roundWith our submission call almost over, we’ve got a few early acceptances to give out. We’re proud to announce that we’ll be publishing the poetry of Sara-Jane Gloutnez and Lisa Young in issue 5.

Sara-Jane, whose work we’ve published before (she’s that good!), has studied creative writing at both York University and the University of Saskatchewan. In 2012, she released her chapbook, Eglantine in August, and was the winner of the Art Bar’s Discovery Night. The poetry we’re publishing by her this issue is lively and evocative. She manages to weave a sailor, melon ballers, toothaches, and pregnancy into a fragmented narrative that gives us tantalising glimpses into interconnected lives.

Lisa is the author of the poetry collection, When the Earth (Quattro Books) and the chapbook, This Cabin (LyricalMyrical Press). She’s also working on a new collection. One of her poems for this issue with this tantalizing line: “You can’t think of death in spring”. Lisa offers us poems that talk about time, life, and death in fresh ways, addressing big themes through details of the day-to-day. Both writers fill their work with insight and brilliant imagery.

If you’ve submitted to our fifth-issue submission call and haven’t heard back, don’t worry. You’ll hear back from us soon; we’re just starting to send out replies. There’s also still time for those who haven’t submitted their work yet. We’re looking for more writing in particular, so if you’re a Canadian writer, send us your short stories, flash fiction, and poetry to

If you’re interested in our fifth issue, in which these talented women’s work will be published, check out our Kickstarter. It ends in under two days!


A Quick Update

Hello, fellow writers and readers,

Besides a few appearances at local literary and arts events, The Quilliad has been in hibernation for the winter, but soon we will begin working on the next issue. Our submission call will be going up within a week, so keep an eye out for that! We’ll be looking for art as well as literature this time around. We’re also gearing up for the spring craft and lit festivals, so expect updates on where you can find us.

Sarah Varnam,
Editor-in-Chief of The Quilliad

We present to you . . . The Quilliad.

This post is well past due. Now that The Quilliad is in people’s hands, it’s time to release it into the wilds of the internet. We are incredibly proud of and happy with the results of our hard work. We are grateful for all the support we’ve recieved as well.

Now take a look! Flip through our pages and enjoy what our writers have to offer. And look forward to Issue 2, coming to you this fall. There are still a few hard copies of Issue 1 left, so if you would like one, let us know.

Remember, submissions are open for our next issue. Get your fiction and poetry to us by September 1st!

All inquiries and submissions should be sent to

Click below to see Issue 1:


The Quilliad is at the printers!

That’s right. After months of hard work putting together poetry, prose, and design elements, we are about to print our publication. Keep checking our blog for updates regarding a launch party in Toronto, as well as the electronic edition of The Quilliad for those of you who can’t make it to T.O.

Sarah Varnam, Editor-in Chief