Issue 8 Submission Call: Halloween 2016

logo roundWe’re seeking writing and art for our October issue! Literary science fiction, apocalyptic stories and poetry, retold/re-imagined fairy tales/folklore/myths, horror, and other spooky, speculative, or macabre work. If you are a Canadian writer or artist, submit your work to from September 1-30.

Please read the details regarding submission format and length at before sending us your work; feel free to email us with any questions.


The Quilliad Reviews: Mosaics: A Collection of Independent Women, Volume 1

MosaicsA literary exploration of femininity and womanhood, Mosaics approaches its subject matter through stories, poetry, essays, and art. The tales within its pages span across eras and genres. These varied approaches reflect the variety of perspectives contained within the anthology’s pages. This diversity is an intentional political act; the creators of Mosaics set out to produce a book that depicts the experience of women through an intersectional lens, and they’ve succeeded. From a girl with a glass heart to the erotic encounters of lesbian suffragettes, this anthology embraces a diversity of forms that women may take on.  Mosaics tells the tales of robots and the wheelchair-bound, folkloric monsters and Lillith.

If there is one flaw that I might take issue with, it would be that, at times, some of the stories are a little heavy-handed. Most of the time, Mosaics is an engaging and accessible read, but occasionally the stories take on a more didactic tone than is my preference, which takes away from the immersive quality of the narrative. The more nuanced tales still embody their politics, and I am thus left wishing all the stories could find that perfect balance.

That said, Mosaics is a well-written anthology compiled by women who aren’t afraid to imbue their work with political purpose, and there’s power in that. All proceeds go to charity (The Pixel Project to end Violence Against Women), so they are truly walking the walk. Between the valuable social message and the strong writing, Mosaics is a meaningful contribution to both literary and social discourse. You can find it on Amazon here:


Quilliad Early Acceptances

logo roundHear ye, hear ye! We’ve got our first couple of early acceptances for issue 6 of The Quilliad for you today. We’ll be publishing an eerie flash fiction piece about the weather by Nicole Brewer (a writer, editor, and micro-press publisher in Toronto who’s part of the parenthetical team) called “The Worm Will Eat the Bird” and a quirky science fiction piece about a “nomadic Anne Hathaway lookalike android” entitled “Fanatics Inherit the Earth. Cheap Motels Last” by Alexandra Harrison (an Albertan writer and editor whose work has been published in various journals and anthologies).

If these sound interesting to you, consider supporting our Kickstarter. In addition to getting to read these excellent pieces, we have a variety of other rewards available, including art, poetry, and custom-designed chapbooks. Our campaign is at 47% with 11 days to go.

If you haven’t received a reply from us, that just means we have yet to decide! Also, for those Canadian writers and artists who haven’t sent us their work yet, you still have time. Check out our submission call for details.

That’s all for now!


The Quilliad Press & Issue 6: Submission Call & Kickstarter

IMG_7789We’ve been busy lately. We’ve been writing book reviews, delivering copies of The Quilliad to local zine libraries, and stocking the shelves at Artarium with our publications. And now we’re launching our submission call and Kickstarter campaign concurrently.

Submission Call

This is an exciting time for us. We’re publishing under our new small press publishing company, The Quilliad Press, and we’re contemplating our first run of chapbooks. We’re also looking for submissions for The Quilliad: Issue 6, our second annual Halloween issue.

We’re looking for flash fiction, short stories, poetry, comics, photography, and art from Canadian writers and artists in any of the following genres or on any of the following topics:

  • literary science fiction and horror
  • magic realism
  • fairy tales, folk tales, myths, and legends
  • monsters, death, magic, fear, or anything else that evokes the spirit of the season

We’re open to things that aren’t on this list as well; query us if you aren’t sure. Email your submissions (1-5 pieces) to before midnight on October 20. We will be paying a $12 honorarium plus a contributor copy to every writer or artist we publish, and all contributors will be invited to feature their work at our launch party on October 29 at Betty’s on King in Toronto.


To make issue 6, our chapbooks, future issues, events, book reviews, and more happen, we’re calling on our readers for support. We’re dreaming big and planning the next few years. This crowdfunding campaign represents our ambitions for the future. As our project description on Kickstarter says,

This new official status as a small press publisher reflects our commitment to growth. The Quilliad Press will continue the work we have been doing, but we are increasing the number of reviews and artist profiles we post, and we want to push beyond our biannual journal publication to chapbooks and, hopefully, anthologies.

We have successfully funded The Quilliad‘s previous issues through crowdfunding, revenues from launches, and money out of our own pockets. Now that we have seen the potential of this publication and can imagine the future of our recently formed small press, we want to move beyond an issue-to-issue model to one that is more self-sustaining. Which is why we want this Kickstarter to be our last.

Any support means a lot to us, our contributors, and our readers, whether you pledge $5 or $100, and will have tangible results that affect people across Canada, North America as a whole, and beyond.

We’re offering copies of The Quilliad, The Quilliad Press’s first chapbook, and our own published work, as well as art prints, haiku and glosas on demand, and even personalised books of poetry and art with a limited print run of one as rewards for our backers. Backing The Quilliad Press is a way to directly support small press publishing, as well as the dozens of Canadian writers and artists who we publish and promote.

For more information about our Kickstarter, visit

Thank you for reading.

Sarah Varnam,
Editor-in-Chief of The Quilliad

Halloween Launch Party details

The Quilliad‘s fourth issue is almost ready to be printed, and we’ll be celebrating with a Halloween-themed launch party complete with costumes at Betty’s on King (240 King Street East, 2nd floor party room) in Toronto on Friday, October 24, 2014 from 8-12 p.m. We’ve created a Facebook event and will be posting updates here on our website as well.

We’ll have readings of spooky poetry, flash horror, and science fiction stories, and will be exhibiting dark art by current and past contributors.

Grab a costume and come party with us!