The Quilliad Press publishes the writing and art of emerging and established Canadian authors, photographers, and other visual artists. We care more about the quality of your work than your past publications.

The Quilliad, our literary and arts journal, is generally open for submissions from mid-August to mid-September. Please check our main/blog page for exact dates. 

What we publish: writing-wise, we publish poetry, flash fiction (500 words or less), and short stories (generally 1000-2000 words). Style-wise, we like pieces ranging from haiku to freeverse to sonnets to experimental work. We read every submission and consider all submissions seriously.

Please send no more than 5 poems, 5 flash fiction pieces, or 2 short stories (a package including work in multiple formats is also acceptable; for example, you can send us both poetry and fiction as long as you don’t exceed the limit for each category). While we have limited reading time (thus the submission cap), we do recommend sending more than one piece, as this increases the chances that we’ll be able to use something you send us. Please send all submissions for a submission period at once in one email, with submissions as attachments (we’re not picky about whether all subs are in one document or not, and .doc, .docx, and .PDF are all fine).

We are also accepting some visual art, photography, and comic art submissions in .jpeg form.

When we publish: We currently publish every fall (please check our blog page for submission call dates). We put out submission calls on our site and on Facebook (find us there; you know you want to), so watch for those. If you send us something when we aren’t actively looking, we’ll let you know and tell you when to submit again.

Compensation: For issue 10, we are paying a $13 honorarium to each contributor as well as a contributor copy and free admission to the launch party for the issue you are involved in.

To submit: send your submission to

If you have any questions about how/what to submit, email us.

We reserve the right to print your work in the issue you submit to, should you be accepted, as well as include your work in the online copy of that same issue of our publication (occasionally, we may quote a line or two in promotional materials such as Kickstarter projects). All other publication rights remain yours. Submit and publish your work wherever else you would like! If you have any questions about copyright and The Quilliad, please ask. We want to know you’re happy with how we handle your work.


11 thoughts on “Submissions

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  4. I look forward to each issue of the Quilliad – clever name! – with keen anticipation. This magazine, and now blog, is a window into the emerging arts scene and a great way to support new talent. Bravo!t

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